Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chris Linblad, Founder and CTO of Mark Logic Speaks

Just three bullet points from the interview Andy Feit, Senior VP Of Marketing, just finished with Chris Linblad, Founder and CTO of Mark Logic.

How did you come up with the name, Mark Logic? What names did you discard? Ceriscent was the original name of the company (based on the cerisse, a dramatic shade of red), but the investors hated that name. They struggled with it; finally at the end of a very long meeting, someone asked in a humorous vein, "Why don't you just call it Mark?" Chris said he had wanted to use Mark Schema as the corporate name, "...That's how geeky I am". They finally settled on Mark Logic.

What will Mark Logic look like five years from now? He would like to see Mark Logic as a mainstream technology. Those attending this user conference are, in his eyes, early adopters in pushing the envelope with what can be done with content. He'd like such applications to be less remarkable in five years.

What do you think is the biggest feature in the forthcoming version 4.0 of Mark Logic Server for content providers and developers? Chris says that's like asking a parent to say which is his favorite kid. "I don't have a favorite, but I want them all to play nicely with one another. Integration is key."

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